Matt Walsh Calls Out Fox News For Bowing To Radical Gender Ideology

As Fox News Channel’s ratings continue to fall in response to their decision to fire their most popular news anchor, Tucker Carlson, many critics have pointed out that the network has been moving to the left for some time now — including Daily Wire host Matt Walsh, who cited Fox News’ constant use of so-called preferred pronouns.

According to Walsh, Fox News is no longer a conservative media outlet — especially as the network has begun referring to men with female pronouns.

“Fox continues to promote radical left wing gender ideology by referring to men as ‘she.’ This is not even a remotely conservative media outlet. They have long since adopted the most extreme and absurd positions of the left,” he tweeted, highlighting an article about transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney, where the outlet referred to him using female pronouns.

The subtitle of the Fox News article states: “Mulvaney said that despite the hardships she has faced, she still tries to have ‘grace’ for her critics.”

This is not the only article published by Fox News that bows to the radical left, as The Blaze notes: “Examining other articles on the outlet’s website reveals a consistent pattern of following the dictates of left-wing gender ideology rather than sticking with pronouns that align with each person’s immutable biological sex.”

In another tweet, Walsh pointed out that the average viewer of Fox News is roughly 75 years old — and these older viewers are much less likely to agree with radical gender ideology.

“I don’t think their average 75 year old viewer realizes how pro-trans Fox has become. Someone should really let them know,” Walsh added in another tweet.

Critics have been calling out Fox News for some time now, noting that the network has been moving to the left and embracing gender ideology — which many say is confusing, considering the fact that virtually no one in their audience agrees with it, and it is highly unlikely that anyone on the radical left would ever choose to watch Fox News, even if they switch sides.

Conservative commentator Robby Starbuck made a similar comment to Walsh about another Fox News article.

“Fox News is continuing to use the pronouns that delusional men demand they use,” Starbuck tweeted, sharing a screenshot from the article. “Notice the framing too that this guy’s work was ‘all for naught’ because World Athletics grew a spine and didn’t let this man cheat by competing against women. What the heck is going on at Fox?”

Since Fox News fired Carlson, its ratings have dropped significantly — especially as Media Matters, a leftist activist organization dedicated to smearing conservatives, has suspiciously been publishing leaked video of Carlson behind the scenes that could only have come from the network. Their continued migration to the left will likely only exacerbate the problem.