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About The Congressional Insider

The Congressional Insider gives you everything you need to know to stay aware of the latest bills and laws moving through Congress, and to hold our elected officials accountable. With a focus on traditional American values, The Congressional Insider eschews the liberal bias rampant in mainstream news media.

Explore specific legislation and political influences with Insider News. Understand what you need to know to hold politicians accountable with Political Watchdog. Join a community for traditional American values with The Congressional Insider.

The Congressional Insider Team

Just about everyone on the team here at The Congressional Insider is heavily invested in not just everyday news, but in what’s happening in the political realm. Our writers and journalists have decades of combined experience when it comes to geopolitical coverage, national, state, and local news. We’re looking at the big picture, ranging from Congress to what’s happening with crime on your own streets.

Our editorial team is on the ball as well. They assist our writers with vetting sources, fact-checking their information, and ensuring the news you read is accurate and reliable. We have a zero tolerance policy for unethical behavior, editorialization, and bias.

Editorial Standards

The team here at The Congressional Insider is guided by a strict editorial policy. Our standards are high and we demand excellence from our team. In doing so we can ensure that you, our readers, receive the best and most accurate news reporting possible.

Journalistic Integrity and Ethics

Each member of our team is expected to adhere to a high standard of journalistic integrity. We will not tolerate unethical behavior. This means maintaining truth and transparency in reporting, avoiding the injection of personal opinion, and steering clear of conflicts of interest. Our team members are required to disclose any potential conflicts and must report objectively.

Factual Reporting and Plagiarism

There is no room for deception on our pages. Our team is responsible for doing their homework, researching their facts, properly vetting their sources to ensure reliability, and so much more. The stories we present are pieced together from a variety of sources, but are presented with our writers own take. We don’t make things up, we don’t plagiarize the work of others, and we absolutely abhor the use of artificial intelligence to create news content.

Transparent Corrections

While we strive to do right by our readers, we are human and occasionally make mistakes. They are always unintentional and when we do make an error, we vow to make the appropriate correction. We’ll do so swiftly, transparently, and with the proper notice to our readers.

Regular Insider News

Ever wonder what goes on behind closed doors in Washington? The Congressional Insider knows, and we’re here to reveal what political forces influence our elected officials in Washington. From lobbyists to foreign leaders and swaying statements made by politicians across the aisle, we’re here with Insider News to let you know what forces are affecting the passage of legislation reflective of conservative values.

We’re Your Political Watchdogs

Politicians must be held accountable, and that’s the job of respectable publications like The Congressional Insider. In Political Watchdog, you’ll find everything you need to know to question our elected officials and to encourage them to hold fast when it comes to traditional American values. We believe Congress has a sacred duty to protect our Constitutional rights — but that it’s every citizen’s duty to remind our leaders of this. Political Watchdog provides you with the information you need to make that happen.