Trump Campaign, RNC Launch Election Integrity Program

Amid concerns of voter fraud in the forthcoming presidential election, former President Donald Trump’s campaign and the Republican National Committee (RNC) recently announced an election integrity measure involving over 100,000 volunteers and attorneys across battleground states to prevent election fraud.

A press release revealed that RNC Chairman Michael Watley and co-chair Lara Trump, alongside other officials and the former president’s campaign, designed the election integrity program.

“RNC Chairman Michael Whatley, Co-Chair Lara Trump and Chief Counsel Charlie Spies, together with the Campaign, designed this new program to have over 100,000 dedicated volunteers and attorneys deployed across every battleground state as part of the RNC’s commitment to ensuring transparency and fairness in the 2024 elections,” the press release states.

“To empower poll watchers, poll workers, and attorneys, comprehensive training sessions will be conducted every month on the monitoring of not only voting sites but also ballot tabulation centers,” the release adds.

“Attorneys will be stationed at every single target processing center where mail ballots are tabulated. This program starts with lawyers committing to battleground state polling sites, county boards of elections, secretaries of state offices, and in the Republican Party War Rooms,” it continues.

The initiative comes after the former president claimed the 2020 presidential election was “stolen.” He is set to match up against President Joe Biden for a second time in 2024. The president previously defeated Trump in 2020.

The press release pointed out that the election integrity program would operate in battleground states, where lawyers will address questions and issues reported by poll watchers and voters across the U.S.

“Lawyers will guide poll watchers through the appropriate election code and provide clarity on how various issues should be answered, resolved, or escalated. This system will be operational from the first day of early voting through election day — and afterward if necessary,” the release read.

The statement noted that the RNC’s legal team has already engaged in court battles across the U.S. to tackle election fraud, having filed over 80 lawsuits in 25 states.

“The election integrity program’s scale and scope are unparalleled and reflects an historic collaboration between the RNC, the Trump Campaign, and passionate grassroots coalitions who are deeply invested in fighting voter fraud,” the release concluded.