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The Congressional Insider gives you the information you need to make informed decisions in your community and at the voting booth. Centered around the furtherance of conservative American values, The Congressional Insider focuses on pressing congressional leaders to be accountable for their actions, to hold fast to conservative values, and to stick to their word.

If you’re tired of government overspending and an attack on traditional American values, Insider News and Political Watchdog can help you know how, when, and where to take action. Become a reader of The Congressional Insider today!

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The Congressional Insider’s mission is to provide accurate, frequent updates to keep Americans with traditional values informed about laws, politics, and legislation that could impact their daily lives. With a focus on holding politicians accountable, The Congressional Insider is committed to preserving conservative values, reducing bloated government overspending, and ensuring a traditional way of life is preserved.

We elect congresspeople to uphold and maintain our Constitutional rights. This means they must be constant advocates of the right to life, the right to gun ownership, and the right to worship and speak freely. The Congressional Insider holds them accountable and welcomes you to this mission.

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The Congressional Insider reports on issues impacting the conservative way of life in America. Every reader of The Congressional Insider deserves the right to protect themselves, and every law enforcement officer and man and woman serving in uniform deserves respect. You deserve news without liberal bias or influence from liberal propaganda.

At The Congressional Insider, we’re focused on helping you ensure politicians keep their promises. With frequent updates and accurate reporting, we’ll help you take action on vital issues.

Regular Insider News

Ever wonder what goes on behind closed doors in Washington? The Congressional Insider knows, and we’re here to reveal what political forces influence our elected officials in Washington. From lobbyists to foreign leaders and swaying statements made by politicians across the aisle, we’re here with Insider News to let you know what forces are affecting the passage of legislation reflective of conservative values.

We’re Your Political Watchdogs

Politicians must be held accountable, and that’s the job of respectable publications like The Congressional Insider. In Political Watchdog, you’ll find everything you need to know to question our elected officials and to encourage them to hold fast when it comes to traditional American values. We believe Congress has a sacred duty to protect our Constitutional rights — but that it’s every citizen’s duty to remind our leaders of this. Political Watchdog provides you with the information you need to make that happen.

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