Our Team

If there’s one thing everyone at The Congressional Insider is passionate about, it’s the news. We love combing through the myriad of stories presented to us daily, rooting around for the hidden gems, and making sure our readers receive actual knowledge – not just another layer of MSM spin.

Our Mission

There’s a lot of confusion when it comes to today’s “standard” for news. Everyone seems to have an agenda, which makes it difficult for readers and the average consumer to filter fact from fiction. Our goal is to make sure you receive factual updates, especially when it comes to the politics and legislation most likely to have a real impact on your day to day lives.

Our elected officials need to be held accountable for their actions. Right or left, they’re elected by the people to serve their constituents. You deserve to know if they aren’t doing their jobs, or if they’re working on a personal agenda or catering to lobbyists. Our mission is to hold everyone accountable.

The Congressional Insider Team

Just about everyone on the team here at The Congressional Insider is heavily invested in not just everyday news, but in what’s happening in the political realm. Our writers and journalists have decades of combined experience when it comes to geopolitical coverage, national, state, and local news. We’re looking at the big picture, ranging from Congress to what’s happening with crime on your own streets.

Our editorial team is on the ball as well. They assist our writers with vetting sources, fact-checking their information, and ensuring the news you read is accurate and reliable. We have a zero tolerance policy for unethical behavior, editorialization, and bias.

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