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The Congressional Insider is a publication dedicated to reporting on American politics and current events. We strive to deliver watchdog-style news so patriots like you can stay informed on the latest happenings and threats to our American way of life.

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Every day, our team combs the internet for important news stories you need to know about. We report them to you with fairness and integrity so you’re fueled with knowledge as you go about your day. Whether you’re commuting to work or sitting down with a cup of coffee, our stories are straightforward so you can get the facts, then get back to business.

Reliable reporting is more important today than ever before. The mainstream media is notorious for spinning news to fit an agenda, but we won’t do that here. Instead, we’ll report the news as we see it. We’ll bring buried headlines to the surface so you can stay informed. Rather than hiding the truth in favor of political bias, we’ll report with trustworthiness.


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