Stacey Abrams Blasts Opposition To DEI Discrimination

Former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, notorious for losing twice to her Republican opponent, is desperately seeking the spotlight by blasting former President Donald Trump. She told MSNBC’s Al Sharpton last week that “diversity, equity and inclusion” (DEI) is critical.

These policies, she claimed, are essential for American democracy. This from the same person who denied her first election loss to the GOP’s Brian Kemp.

Abrams targeted Trump for his statements vowing to end discrimination under the auspices of DEI initiatives.

She ominously declared that “we should be terrified of the person who wants to come back into the White House, strip us of our rights, rescind the economic progress we have made and undermine the democracy that we hold so dear.”

Then Abrams launched her defense of controversial DEI programs.

The Democrat called opposition to DEI an attack on education and the economy. Then she cited Georgia’s two leftist freshman senators as proof of “pathways to the American dream.”

She ignored, however, that it is the very democracy she declared to be in danger and not DEI that propelled the Democrats into office. Democracy is only threatened when Republicans are victorious, and only then is the will of the people something that should be thwarted.

Abrams proved this point when she repeatedly denied her 2018 defeat to Kemp in the run for the Georgia governor’s mansion.

Suddenly the state was beset with “election interference,” and the voters were magically disenfranchised. Abrams refused to concede and in doing so committed the same act that her Democratic colleagues would rip Trump for two years later.

Her second campaign became a call to arms for those who sought to strip any security measures from voting.

But even as Georgia’s electorate flooded the polls in record numbers — including minorities — Abrams persisted in dishonestly smearing state election officials for somehow suppressing the vote.

Now she demands that discriminatory programs that favor one group over another be supported. Courts are consistently ruling that these set-asides are unconstitutional, and what Abrams should be celebrating is the level playing field that resulted.