CNN Poll: Trump Lead Hits Record

President Donald Trump has expanded his lead over Joe Biden to a new record in a new CNN poll released Sunday morning. Trump now leads Biden among likely voters in a one-on-one matchup 49% to 43%.

The 45th president’s lead expands dramatically with the inclusion of third-party candidates. In scenarios including third-party figures like Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Trump’s support shifts to 42%, while Biden’s drops to 33%. Kennedy emerged as a significant third-party contender with 16% of the vote. The former Democrat’s presence on the ballot draws much more support away from Biden.

The CNN/SSRS poll conducted last week reveals a nation increasingly dissatisfied with Biden’s presidency. Only 39% of Americans see the current administration positively.

Meanwhile, 55% gave a favorable rating to President Trump’s first term.

Critically, the poll indicates that economic issues are at the forefront of voters’ minds, with 65% of registered voters deeming the economy “extremely important” to their vote. Those prioritizing economic concerns overwhelmingly support Trump over Biden, 62% to 30%.

That trend spells real trouble for Biden, especially in light of the tanking approval ratings for his handling the economy at 34% and inflation at 29%.

Beyond the numbers, the poll sheds light on a broader discontent with Biden’s focus during his presidency. Amid significant challenges like the economy, immigration, and national security, Biden has concentrated on advocating for abortion rights, a move that has polarized voters and ignored other urgent issues. The incumbent, with nothing in his own record to point to, has been left with taking an entirely negative approach to his campaign by attacking Trump, both through the compliant corporate media and the two-tiered judicial system being manipulated by his Department of Justice and George Soros-backed far-left prosecutors.

Left without any coherent message for American families struggling in the face of rampant inflation, wanton crime, and a porous southern border, Biden’s camp has decided to push for the right to terminate pregnancy on demand as his rallying point.