Trail Life USA CEO Criticizes Boy Scouts’ Name Change Expresses Concern Over Abandoning Male-Centric Focus

Mark Hancock the CEO of Trail Life USA a Christian alternative to the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) has expressed disappointment over the BSA’s recent rebranding to Scouting America. In a press release, Hancock criticized the move arguing that it challenges the truth that boys and girls are different and deserve separate programs tailored to their unique needs.

“We are saddened by the Scouts’ continued challenge to the truth that boys and girls are different and deserve different programs,” Hancock said. “Trail Life USA remains committed to recognizing the unique design of boys through our proven process that is growing them into godly men.”

Hancock’s comments come amid a series of changes by the BSA in recent years including allowing gay employees, transgender boys and girls to join, and eventually announcing the name change to Scouting America — set to take effect next year. The BSA has also faced numerous allegations of sexual abuse by former scouts reaching an $850 million settlement in 2021.

Trail Life USA which was founded in 2013 and has grown to over 60,000 members across more than 1,200 church-chartered troops offers boys outdoor adventures and leadership training within a Christian framework. Hancock emphasized the importance of providing boys with strong male role models noting that many lack father figures at home and face mostly female teachers in school.

“Organizations like the Boy Scouts that previously upheld the uniqueness and wonder of boyhood have abandoned the male-centric environment that for centuries was the key to awakening the hearts of boys and men,” Hancock added. He argued that while cultural shifts may push for treating the sexes the same doing so “does both sexes a disservice.”

As the BSA continues to evolve Trail Life USA remains committed to its mission of guiding boys into manhood through a faith-based program centered on outdoor activities and male mentorship. With a growing membership, the organization seeks to fill what it sees as a critical need in today’s society.