Trump Accuses Biden’s Economic Policies Of Benefiting China, Harming Americans

Former President Donald Trump has accused President Joe Biden’s economic policies, particularly the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), of putting “America last” and benefiting Communist China at the expense of American citizens.

In a recent ad, Trump claimed that “Biden’s pro-China economic program puts America last, and it’s killing our country.” A Breitbart News piece sponsored by Americans for Limited Government found evidence to support Trump’s assertion, highlighting how the IRA is proving to be a “giveaway” to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

The article pointed out that while China is building military bases near the United States, Biden has “invited Xi Jinping inside and asked him to drive,” with China co-opting American companies and benefiting from billions in “green scam tax credits.”

Moreover, the IRA includes language that allows the government to dictate price controls on some prescription medicines for seniors under Medicare, a move that is projected to eliminate between 136,000 and 216,000 jobs in the biopharma industry and kill an additional 678,000 to 1,076,000 U.S. jobs through resulting indirect layoffs.

The article also noted that Biden’s IRA is set to slash Medicare for U.S. seniors’ drug-coverage plan in 2025, a move that appears to be deliberately planned to either blame Trump or ensure its implementation before a potential second Biden term.