Judge Denies Hunter Biden’s Hail Mary Attempt To Postpone Gun Trial

A federal judge has rejected Hunter Biden’s last-ditch effort to delay his upcoming trial on gun charges setting the stage for the president’s son to face a jury on June 3. Judge Maryellen Noreika of the District of Delaware ruled against Biden’s lawyers who had requested postponing the trial until September to allow more time for witness scheduling and evidence review.

The judge’s decision marks the latest setback for Biden who faces three felony counts for allegedly lying about his drug use to purchase a gun in 2018. If convicted he could face years in prison.

Noreika had previously denied several motions by Biden to dismiss the charges entirely. His lawyers argued that special counsel David Weiss was illegally appointed that Biden was the victim of a “vindictive” prosecution and that his botched plea agreement should still be in effect.

The judge found no evidence to support Biden’s claims including his argument that he was being unfairly targeted as a family member of a politically important person. The U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals also recently rejected Biden’s appeal to toss the gun charges ruling it lacked jurisdiction in the matter.

Biden who has acknowledged struggling with drug addiction maintains he did not violate the law. He pleaded not guilty to all charges after a plea deal with prosecutors fell apart last year.