Man Receives 50-Year Prison Sentence For Poisoning Baby’s Milk

A man from Georgia has been sentenced to five decades in prison after he was found guilty for attempted murder, which he conducted by poisoning his newborn baby’s milk.

Curtis Jack was sentenced four years after his daughter was born and managed to survive his efforts to kill her. The man laced the baby’s milk with antifreeze, trying to end the child’s life rather than pay child support. The woman with whom he had the child was a coworker, not a spouse, according to police.

The child’s mother did not have an abortion despite pressure from Jack to do so. She was hospitalized for unspecified reasons after giving birth to their baby girl on Sept. 24, 2020.

Although the father admitted his actions to authorities, he later withdrew his confession and denied the accusations. He was later found guilty of the charges against him, including criminal attempt to commit murder and cruelty to children in the first degree. The 50-year sentence includes a requirement that the father be in custody for at least 40 years.

The South Fulton Police Department further explained that Jack picked up two bottles of breastmilk from his partner on Oct. 1, 2020. Before giving the food to the child’s maternal grandmother—who was reportedly taking care of her hospitalized daughter’s second child at the same time—the father poured antifreeze into the bottles.

The infant then drank from the contaminated bottles and “became critically ill within 24 hours, suspected of being poisoned,” according to police. Law enforcement also explained that Jack admitted his actions, pointing to the financial strain child support would put on him. Later, though, he rescinded his motivation for committing the crime.

Police told local news outlets that the alleged reason for not wanting to pay child support was an odd motive for the man, who was making a decent salary at his job. The baby was 18 days old when the incident took place.

The trial included testimony from the baby’s mother, grandmother, police officers and medical professionals. In its statement, the South Fulton Police Department expressed gratitude for the county’s District Attorney’s Office “in obtaining justice for the victim and her mother.” Jack was found guilty by the jury on all counts against him.