Biden Accused Of Leaking Netanyahu Call To Appease Far Left

Critics loudly charge the Biden White House with leaking the president’s call with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for an insidious purpose. The conversation was revealed, they declared, to placate anti-Israel Democrats and the vocal anti-semitic wing of the party.

Biden told his counterpart that the U.S. will not support Israel if it retaliates against the unprecedented weekend attack from Iran.

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) immediately accused the administration of a feeble attempt to win back support from Democrats disenchanted with the White House’s lukewarm support for Israel.

The Florida Republican leveled charges against the Biden regime of pandering to “pro-terrorist” opponents of Israel’s basic right to exist within the Democratic Party. This wing reportedly celebrated Iran’s unprecedented attack on the Jewish state Saturday night.

Rubio said the administration knew well that Israel could not absorb such an atrocity without a counterattack. That made the leaking of the phone call between the leaders just a “political game.

Addressing CNN’s Jake Tapper, Rubio said there was only a single motivation for the Oval Office leak. “And that is so when Israel does respond, the White House can say ‘We told them not to do it.”

This reaction would be their attempt to placate the peace wing of the party.

The true level of hypocrisy by the left was hardly lost on Rubio. “By the way, these ‘cease-fire now’ people who were out yesterday cheering the launch of hundreds of rockets and drones and missiles against Israel.”

The senator rightly observed that they are “not peace activists. They are anti-semites, anti-Israel, pro-terrorist elements.”

Demonstrators in Chicago cheered the Iran attack and chanted “Death to America” and “Death to Israel,” according to reports.

Rubio and many others believe the White House’s tepid response to the Iranian attack will encourage other terrorist states in the region to attack Israel.

Biden’s weakness, he declared, is a “continuing part of this public game they are playing, which frankly encourages Iran and Hezbollah, which we haven’t even talked about, and the Houthis and all these other elements that are targeting Israel.”