Searches For ‘My Eyes Hurt’ Surge After Solar Eclipse

Internet search results for “My eyes hurt” and “I looked at the sun” have surged after the awe-inspiring solar eclipse on Monday, it has been discovered.

Google Trends has shown that around 100 people made internet searches for “my eyes hurt” immediately after the eclipse, while other variations of the search for symptoms of eye pain or the effects of looking at the sun have also exploded.

The increase in search results comes as no surprise. Doctors have reported that they expected to see a drastic increase in cases of people reporting eye injuries or in fear of potential injuries in the aftermath of the solar eclipse. In the wake of the 2017 solar eclipse, there were at least 100 cases of eye injuries, and those were only the ones reported, as many others are likely to have strained or damaged their eyes while staring directly at the sun.

Damage to the eye from staring at the sun is known as solar retinopathy, which some liken to being basically a sunburn on the retinas. However, unlike a mere sunburn, the damage is usually permanent, so eye doctors strongly urge people to take great caution and avoid directly looking at the sun.

Symptoms for solar retinopathy include discomfort, watery eyes, blurred vision and seeing spots after a long period of time or having dark spots. To avoid this damage, use of protective eye-wear specifically designed for solar eclipses is adamantly encouraged.

Turning to the political angle, Democrats have taken to social media to make fun of former President Donald Trump in response to an intentionally humorous Trump campaign video that showed the outline of Donald Trump eclipsing the sun to dramatic music, drawing laughs, delight and excitement. Democrats responded by making fun of the former president for taking his protective glasses off and looking directly at the sun during 2017’s solar eclipse, all in an effort to make him look foolish.

Trump, however, seems no worse for wear and is used to the inane insults and mockery of his childish Democrat counterparts. “Teflon Don,” as he is called, just bounces the hate off him and right back at his political enemies with an occasional “mean tweet” — which his haters then almost always cry about without fail.

While staring at the blinding light of the sun can certainly cause undesirable symptoms, Democrats blinded by their irrational hatred for Trump likewise suffer a different kind of “loss of vision” as he lives rent-free in their heads.