GOP Probes DOJ Over Biden Whistleblower Investigations

Top House Republicans have opened a new investigation into Joe Biden’s Justice Department (DOJ), pressing Attorney General Merrick Garland to disclose whether the DOJ has initiated investigations into whistleblowers connected to the Biden family probe. The probe centers on allegations of misconduct and possible retaliation against those who have brought to light concerning activities within the corrupt Biden business empire.

As Chairs of the Judiciary, Oversight, and Ways and Means Committees, Reps. Jim Jordan (R-OH), James Comer (R-KY) and Jason Smith (R-MO) wrote to Garland on Tuesday, warning: “The Committees will not tolerate any retaliatory conduct by the Department against these or any other whistleblowers.”

The inquiry has unearthed a tangled web of financial transactions involving the Biden family, revealing a pattern of wire transfers, shell companies, and foreign dealings worth millions. Central to the controversy are IRS whistleblowers Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler, whose disclosures have painted a damning picture of potential tax evasion and preferential treatment by federal authorities toward Hunter Biden.

Republicans are growing concerned that the whistleblowers themselves may now be under investigation, a move that could be seen as an attempt to silence or intimidate those who seek to expose wrongdoing. Hunter Biden’s attorneys have fought hard to influence the DOJ in its investigation and prosecution of the drug-addicted First Son.

Meanwhile, House Republicans are moving forward in the impeachment investigation into Joe Biden and his family’s corrupt international business dealings. Republicans argue that the actions of Hunter Biden’s defense and the alleged DOJ investigations into whistleblowers represent a broader pattern of political interference and misuse of government power for partisan ends, especially as they interfere with public scrutiny of the family’s alleged wrongful acts.

The GOP’s aggressive pursuit of the Biden whistleblower investigations reveals a dual strategy: to hold the Biden administration accountable and to fortify their position ahead of future elections. By focusing on the justice system’s integrity and whistleblowers’ protection, Republicans are tapping into broader concerns about government transparency and fairness that are critically important to America First citizens.