Chick-Fil-A Announces Will No Longer Serve Antibiotic-Free Chicken

In a negative moment for its public image, fast food giant Chick-fil-A has announced that it is changing its policy on serving antibiotic-free chicken starting this spring.

The announcement reads, “To maintain supply of the high-quality chicken you expect from us, Chick-fil-A will shift from No Antibiotics Ever (NAE) to No Antibiotics Important To Human Medicine (NAIHM) starting in the Spring of 2024.”

The terms can be confusing. “NAE” means that no antibiotics whatsoever were used while the animal was being raised. On the other hand, “NAIHM” means that certain antibiotics were used, but they were restricted to only the kind used to treat animals if they become sick, or the animals around it become sick. Antibiotics used in human medicine were restricted.

Nevertheless, the announcement has alarmed many customers who have grown accustomed to the commitment to high quality and trust from their favorite fast food restaurant.

A specific date has not yet been announced when the change will take effect, but social media reactions have been trending with negative responses from many customers.

To be fair, Chick-fil-A didn’t begin its commitment to antibiotic-free chicken until 2014 and didn’t reach its goal in completion until 2019. It was already very popular before that time with customers none the wiser.

However, Chick-fil-A has prided itself as a fast food restaurant chain that is a cut above other chains in quality of their food, service and values. Inasmuch as it has delivered on these items, customers have shown a great deal of loyalty to the company.

It is not an uncommon sight to see Chick-fil-A restaurants packed with customers and long drive-thru lines that always seem to move quickly, while neighboring fast food restaurants appear empty or piddling in comparison.

But the negative reaction from some customers has created an opportunity for negative press. Chick-fil-A has become a symbol of conservative values over the years as it has uniquely chosen to remain closed on Sundays and has repeatedly supported causes that champion the traditional family unit.

This has brought about protests from left-wing activists, and therefore not at all surprising that a left-wing media machine would relish the opportunity to throw some dirt on the company’s reputation.