University Urges Students To Confess To Their ‘Transphobic Culture’

New York’s Adelphi University is a private research campus that apparently prides itself in being a “safe space” for everyone in today’s alphabet-soup environment. So much so that it is soliciting pledges and confessions from the student body.

As part of its Safe Zone Training, students assert a “Free to Be Me” statement. Part of this is a pledge to join the “struggle” to alter their “false/inaccurate beliefs or oppressive attitudes toward lesbian, gay…transgender and queer people.”

In addition to this commitment comes the confession that “I am a product of a transphobic culture, and I am who I am.” Additionally, “[I] need to take responsibility for what I can do now.”

Adelphi goes far beyond mere pledges and promises. Its Center for Student and Community Engagement supplies a list of terms and definitions to go along with its Safe Zone Training.

For the record, gender is a “socially-constructed identity that is usually based on biological markers such as chromosomes and genitalia.” Western society recognizes “male and female.”

This wave of campus wokeness is part of the left-wing indoctrination that has become even more pervasive across the country. At Adelphi and elsewhere, the pervasiveness of liberalism led to startling numbers in higher education.

From 2021 to 2022, the undergraduate population shrank by over 650,000 students. That makes up 4% of the population of colleges and universities. Even more profound is the 14% decline in the number of students over the past decade.

This came even as the nation’s population rose by roughly 2 million per year.

The decline is most stark in the male student population, which makes up 71% of the current shortfall. Females now account for nearly 60% of the student body, which is a record. But is it any wonder that young men are choosing a different path to their careers?

Campuses are increasingly hostile for the traditional male. Faculty members wage war against “toxic masculinity” and promote gender studies as viable career options.

All of this comes as expenses for higher education soar far beyond the rate of inflation. Meanwhile, these institutions are top-heavy near the point of one administrative staff member for every student.

Adelphi University is just one of many examples of the submission of education to the gods of diversity. No longer content with providing information and a pathway to knowledge, American universities and colleges are bent on indoctrination. And that is bad for all of us.