Obama Snaps At Palestinian Protesters During Biden Fundraiser

Former President Barack Obama snapped at pro-Palestinian protesters who made their way into New York’s Radio City Music Hall during a Biden fundraiser event attended by both President Joe Biden and former President Bill Clinton.

Sitting together for a panel moderated by well-known leftist and polarizing late-night talk show host Stephen Colbert, the group was interrupted six times. During one interruption, Obama testily retorted, “You can’t just talk, you have to listen.”

The fundraiser was designed to bring in millions for Joe Biden’s presidential reelection campaign, and is expected to rake in about $25 million, with some donors paying $500 thousand per ticket.

Over 5,000 people attended the event and it was marked with celebrities such as Queen Latifah, Lizzo, Ben Platt, Jason Bateman and Will Arnett.

Nevertheless, the ritzy event was marked with controversy as protesters sabotaged it with repeated interruptions and gathered in large crowds outside of the venue, flying Palestinian and trans-activist flags and shouting “blood on your hands!” The protest made great material for viral social media content to embarrass and draw attention to Biden’s disastrous policies at home and abroad.

Actor James Woods also took to X to post his reaction to the meeting and posted a picture of the three men laughing together. He then wrote,“No border security, millions of unvetted, unvaccinated illegals invading our heartland, our cities in chaos, rampant crime, fentanyl epidemic, searing inflation, the world on the brink of war…What’s not to laugh about?”

One Palestinian protester was seen walking up to Democrats leaving the event, saying, “Enjoy Trump, ‘cuz we’re never voting for Biden.”

Apparently, not even Barack Obama or Bill Clinton can save him.

Indeed, the protests are a troubling sign for the Democratic party as the 2024 election draws closer. Polls have indicated that Biden is losing support in key battleground states over his stance on Israel’s war in Gaza. Many of his previous supporters are Islamic immigrants who are now turning on him. With enough turning away from Biden, it could easily swing the election in favor of Donald Trump.

A number of arrests were made at the protest but it is not known if anyone was charged with any crime.