Leftist Dread: Biden’s February Fundraising Reaches $53 Million

President Joe Biden’s campaign for reelection raised $53 million in February, altogether contributing to a sum of $155 million in his campaign’s war chest, it has been revealed.

The number is considered a very large amount of cash for the incumbent president to have on hand this early in an election year.

In detail, around 1.3 million donors have made 3.4 million actual contributions, with 97% of them being under $200, according to the Biden campaign.

The mainstream media and hardcore Democrats are seizing on this news as a sign of great enthusiasm for another presidential term for Joe Biden, who is already riddled with signs of dementia and is routinely corralled by numerous handlers. By the end of a hypothetical second term, Biden would be well into his 80s and his mental state would be predictably worse.

However, if Democrats are truly enthusiastic for Biden’s second term, they have quite a list of things to look forward to.

After all, without Biden as president, who would keep the southern border open to allow millions of illegal immigrants to flood the United States beyond its capacity?

Who would continue to drain its military reserves and give essentially blank checks to Ukraine to continue funding a bloody war on foreign soil?

Who would make sure inflation continues to spiral out of control as the prices of gas and basic goods grow higher and higher?

And last, but not least, where might Hunter Biden possibly hide his stash?

But realistically, more likely than enthusiasm, it is probably fear of another Trump presidency that is spurring their donations.

Trump is the candidate the mainstream media is doing everything it can to stymie. He is the man the Democrat-run courts are charging with crime after crime, imposing hefty penalties to drain his financial resources. Historically, Democrats even bent the law to impeach him after he already left office, all in an effort to try and make sure he can never run for president again.

Trump is the person Democrats fear and will pay any amount to never have in power again.

This, however, is precisely the reason Trump has such enthusiasm with the Republican base, and in a sense, Democrats have encouraged the creation of their own worst enemy through their public displays of hatred and dread.

Money is an indispensable resource in any election, but at the end of the day, it is voter turnout in fair elections that win the day, and judging by his rallies, enthusiasm is on Trump’s side.