Potential Transgender ‘Day Of Vengeance’ Follows Nashville Shooting

Monday’s shooting at a Nashville, Tennessee elementary school raised new questions over the role of an upcoming “Trans Day of Vengeance” planned by activists.

The planned event was announced prior to the attack that killed three students and three adults at The Covenant School.

It is currently planned to run between Mar. 31 and Apr. 1 by the Trans Radical Activist Network (TRAN). The organization posted on social media, writing “We want more than visibility. Trans Day of Vengeance. Stop trans genocide.”

The Virginia chapter of TRAN announced that it was holding a dance party to fund “firearm/self defense training for trans Virginians.”

The group stated that the “cycle of hate needs to end in fact it must. Allies, siblings we need you now more than ever.”

It also added a quote from transgender activist Sylvia Rivera citing revolution and throwing a molotov cocktail.

The chapter’s leader and founder Bo Belotti is described by the group’s website as a “trans masculine non-binary person” and a former staffer for a Democratic member of the Virginia state legislature.

The group claims that it gained 100 members in its first four months.

The events have an online and in-person component. The group plans a masked rally outside the Supreme Court.

The organization wrote Mar. 22 that the ‘day of vengeance’ should “take place outside the Daily Wire HQ” in Nashville, near the site of the shooting.

TRAN did not address whether the ‘day of vengeance’ would be canceled, though the organization did make its Twitter account private Monday evening.

Following the shooting at the elementary school, questions about the shooter’s motivation have dominated much of the discourse.

The alleged shooter, Audrey Hale, 28, reportedly was a former student at the school. Police have been unclear about the shooter’s gender identity, press reports identified Hale as transgender.

The shooter was shot and killed by police.

Hale published a manifesto, but the police did not go into more detail about its contents. Local police also published video surveillance footage of the attack.