Trump Leads In Polls, Biden Falls Behind

Leading GOP candidate Donald Trump is still the favorite among American voters compared to his opponents Nikki Haley and Joe Biden, according to a new poll.

The Harvard Center for American Political Studies/Harris poll results were recently released, showing that the majority of the nation would vote for Trump if he goes up against Biden in the November 2024 presidential election.

The survey was conducted online between February 21 and February 22 and included 2,022 participants. Poll results found that American voters favor Trump over Biden in the expected matchup that will take place in the fall.

Specifically, 53% of survey participants expressed support for Trump compared to 47% who said they would vote for Biden. One question asked participants how they would vote if the election were held that day, revealing that 48% would vote for Trump and 42% for Biden.

However, when the survey presented a hypothetical matchup between Biden and Nikki Haley, Trump’s opponent for the GOP nomination, voters supported Biden 41% compared to 39% who said they would vote for Haley. 19% responded that they would be undecided in this scenario.

The survey also considered the ongoing charges against Trump for payments he made in New York before his presidential campaign in 2016. The charges include federal allegations that he mishandled classified documents as well as engaged in election interference.

The poll asked participants if they would vote for Trump if he was convicted of election interference in the case brought against him by Georgia’s Fani Willis, district attorney of Fulton County. In this hypothetical situation, 52% said they would still vote for Trump while 48% favored Biden.

54% of participants expressed belief that the charges against Trump—including charges related to inciting the riot at the Capitol on January 6, 2021—are being brought on for political reasons.

As highlighted in a debriefing conversation between Harvard Harris Poll Chairman Mark Penn and The Hill’s Editor in Chief Bob Cusack, immigration is a major issue at the front of American voters’ minds ahead of the election.

Survey results reveal that immigration is the most important issue for voters, as shown by 36% of those who share this view. Inflation came in as the second most important issue at 33%.

The survey comes after Biden has been dealt waves of backlash for his notorious “open border” policies, which stand in stark contrast to Trump’s promises to close the border and prevent illegal immigrants from entering the country and committing crimes.