Steve Bannon Vows To Expose Nuland’s Role In Ukraine

As news broke today that Under Secretary of State Victoria Nuland will be retiring in the coming weeks, former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon vowed to expose her for her indispensable role in the series of events that led to the tragic ongoing war in Ukraine.

On the Real America’s Voice network, Bannon said, “Victoria Nuland — preserve your documents and lawyer up, baby. Because we are coming for you. You are the fountainhead of everything about this Ukraine situation.”

News of Nuland’s approaching resignation has reignited social commentary on her role in the Ukrainian Maidan movement in 2014, which led to the ousting of Russian-backed President Viktor Yanukovych.

Nuland is well known for her strong support for the current Ukrainian government and her aggressive anti-Russian political stance. Current Secretary of State Antony Blinken praised her in a statement today, saying, “What makes Toria truly exceptional is the fierce passion she brings to fighting for what she believes in most: freedom, democracy, human rights and America’s enduring capacity to inspire and promote those values around the world.”

Praised by both Democrats and hawks on both sides of the political spectrum, the feelings of many conservatives towards her reflect disdain and disgust, as she is seen as an Obama-era agent of destruction and turmoil in events around the world. As a result, today’s news of her coming departure from power was celebrated by many conservatives.

The Russian government also responded, saying that although the exact reason for her resignation has not been revealed, it is obviously because of the failure of her “Russophobic” foreign policy stance, which has now become a stone around the neck of the Democratic party.

It was also announced that Nuland will be temporarily replaced by John Bass, who was the ambassador to Afghanistan that oversaw the historically disastrous U.S. military withdrawal from that country in 2021.

Victoria Nuland worked in the State Department for over 30 years, taking a brief respite during Donald Trump’s presidency, but returning under the Biden administration. Throughout her career, she served under six presidents and was a national security adviser to former Vice President Dick Cheney.