Report: CNN To Pay $24.5 Million To Don Lemon

Disgraced former CNN primetime host Don Lemon will reportedly receive a massive $24.5 million payment nearly a year after his unceremonious firing from the network. He was accused of making inappropriate comments about women and creating an uncomfortable work environment.

The Wrap reported the amount Lemon is set to receive is equal to what he would have been paid had he worked through the remaining three years of his contract.

For his part, the former anchor announced his frustration with the network where he was employed for 17 years. He bemoaned that he was not informed by upper management of his termination, but was told of his firing last April by his agent.

Lemon posted on social media at the time that “I would have thought that someone in management would have the decency to tell me directly.”

He added that he was never told he would not be able to continue his work for CNN. “It is clear that there are some larger issues at play.”

The network countered Lemon’s claims of being dismissed blindly by management. CNN said that the anchor had the opportunity to meet with company officials but turned it down.

A major incident that led to Lemon’s dismissal unfolded when he suggested that Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley was past her “prime.” He said that women decline after their 40s, much to the chagrin of his female co-hosts.

In his words, “when a woman is considered to be in her prime [is] in her 20s and 30s, and maybe 40s.”

But he is far from gone from the public eye. X, formerly Twitter, recently announced that he will host “The Don Lemon Show” exclusively on the social media platform.

The posting declared, “We’re delighted to announce a new content partnership with Don Lemon…The award winning TV journalist will share his unique and honest voice in 30-minute episodes, three times a week, covering politics, culture, sports and entertainment.”

Elon Musk’s X boasts an expanding lineup of exclusive programming to go along with Lemon’s announced project. Recent additions include former Democratic congresswoman turned conservative Tulsi Gabbard and sports mouthpiece Jim Rome.