Radical Democrats Dissent Over White House Support Of Israel

There is growing unhappiness among Democrats in general and members of the Biden administration in particular over the president’s support of Israel. So much so that dozens of State Department personnel signed a “dissent cable” complaining about backing the Israelis.

Much of the disenchantment is apparently coming from younger members of the White House staff. Junior aides are said to be up in arms over the Democratic president’s siding with Tel Aviv.

One senior official described the situation among obviously far-left staffers as one of “great moral anxiety.”

Hundreds of Agency for International Development personnel signed an open letter, obtained by Politico, demanding the White House call for a ceasefire.

The writing claimed that “further catastrophic loss of life can only be avoided if the United States government calls for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.” After asking for the release of hundreds of Israeli hostages, the group urged the resumption of supplies of food, water, fuel and electricity.

They either do not realize or do not care that for Israel to do this will only mean enabling Hamas terrorists to claim more innocent lives.

The message criticized Israel for not restricting its military retaliation to “legitimate military targets.”

This, of course, is made difficult when the cowardly enemy hides in hospitals and crowded residential areas.

The State Department letter asserted that “when Israel supports settler violence and illegal land seizures or employs excessive force against Palestinians, we must communicate publicly that this goes against our American values.”

The Biden White House already declared their opposition to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s plan to root out Hamas. He announced that the Israeli Defense Force will control security in Gaza for an undetermined length of time after hostilities cease.

Biden and Secretary of State Antony Blinken voiced their objections to Israeli troops remaining in Gaza. They would see the dilemma far differently if their offices were in Tel Aviv.

Apparently, there is a large swath of Biden’s State Department that shares the anti-Israel sentiments expressed recently in several cities. It is sheer ignorance to believe that over 1,400 citizens could be massacred without massive retaliation.

The federal employees should redirect their outrage at the terrorist actors who lit the fire they are now desperately attempting to control.