Large Portion Of British Public Want Harry Stripped Of Royal Title

A new poll found that nearly half of the British public wants Prince Harry stripped of his royal title following the release of “Harry & Meghan,” a six-part Netflix documentary that took shots at the British royal family.

A YouGov for The Times found that 44% of respondents said they support having Harry’s royal title taken from him compared to 32% who thought the Duke of Sussex should keep it.

The survey also showed that the Netflix series, created by Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, built more sympathy for the Prince and Princess of Wales than the Sussexes. According to the survey, only 17% of respondents said they have more sympathy for Harry and Meghan compared to a whopping 44% who had more sympathy for William and Catherine.

In what will come as a blow to Harry and Meghan, 23% of respondents said they “think worse” of the couple after watching the series, compared to 7% who said they “think better” of them.

The survey also found that 53% of respondents agreed that Harry and Meghan do not deserve an apology from the royal family, while 19% said they do. The only positive to come for the Sussexes was that 51% of respondents thought the couple might still be invited to King Charle’s coronation.

The survey results come after a Politico article written by Joanna Weiss branded Meghan a narcissist following the release of the Netflix series.

“My natural sympathy for the couple started turning to irritation,” Weiss wrote in the article titled 2022 Is The Year We All Finally Got Tired of the Narcissists.

Weiss said the series suggests there is “no one more in love, no one is more socially conscious, no one more aggrieved” than the couples.

An Australian media writer, Sophie Elsworth, said people were getting sick and tired of the couple.

“She ( Meghan ) should win a female Oscar for her narcissism. She is a shocker,’ Elsworth said on Sky News.

Rita Panahi, the host of the Sky News show, agreed with Elsworth’s assessment of the Sussexes. Panahi said despite living in a “Harry and Meghan free zone,” she couldn’t ignore how those on the left have abandoned the couple.