FBI Investigating Eric Adams Over Campaign Contributions From Turkey

FBI agents descended on the Brooklyn residence of Brianna Suggs, campaign consultant and leading fundraiser for Democratic New York City Mayor Eric Adams. The shocking Thursday raid was triggered by accusations of illegal foreign donations to his run for office.

The New York Times reported that the search warrant covered evidence of a conspiracy with the Turkish government.

The bureau is also investigating possible connections with a Brooklyn construction company and a Washington D.C. university. The suspicion is that either or both may be tied to Turkey and Mayor Adams.

The New York Post confirmed that Adams had landed in Washington to attend a series of immigration meetings. However, when the Suggs firm was raided he hopped onto another plane and flew straight back to New York City.

Law enforcement sources told the Post that the raid was purposefully conducted while Adams was scheduled to be out of town.

The FBI probe, according to the Times, seeks to determine “whether the mayor’s campaign kicked back benefits to the construction company’s officials and employees, and to Turkish officials.”

The warrant specifically noted the concern that donations were made in the names of people who did not in fact contribute to Adams. Possible charges include “theft of federal funds and conspiracy to steal federal funds, wire fraud and wire fraud conspiracy.”

Further charges may include accepting campaign contributions from foreign nationals and conspiracy to make such contributions. Suspicions are that “straw donors” may have funneled money to the Democrat’s run for the Big Apple’s top job.

Officials said Suggs has not been arrested or charged with committing a crime. Her firm raked in over $150,000 from the Adams campaign since 2021.

Adams has also not been charged and the mayor said he has not been contacted by the FBI or any other agency. He said he bolted back from Washington D.C. to “find out exactly what was taking place.”

The Democrat claimed to hold his campaign “to the highest standards.” Adams said he will fully cooperate with any investigation. He also complimented Suggs as a “professional” but said he had not spoken with her “at all.”

A neighbor in Crown Heights told the Post that they heard “screaming” when the FBI raid began along with helicopters.