England Bans Puberty Blockers Prescribed To Minors

This week England’s National Health Service made a landmark announcement that children will no longer be given prescriptions for puberty blockers, according to the Daily Wire.

The declaration came after experts concluded that there were serious safety concerns associated with the drugs.

As a result, children experiencing gender dysphoria will no longer be given prescriptions for puberty blockers, according to The Guardian.

The announcement was made after the NHS commissioned the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence to review evidence on Gonadotrophin Releasing Hormone Analogues — puberty blockers — which stop the body from producing hormones needed for individuals to grow into healthy adults.

On Tuesday, NHS England released a policy statement that read, “NHS England has carefully considered the evidence review conducted by NICE (2020) and has identified and reviewed any further published evidence available to date.”

“We have concluded that there is not enough evidence to support the safety or clinical effectiveness of PSH to make the treatment routinely available at this time,” the statement continued.

The NHS commissioned the investigation after a massive increase in the number of children being referred to the U.K. Gender Identity Development Service, according to the Wire.

As the transgender movement gained steam, experts warned gender dysphoria was spreading like a contagion. The number of cases skyrocketed from 250 children in 2012 to more than 5,000 in 2022 as more children were lured into the madness.

The NHS policy decision is being noticed worldwide.

In one example, Australian journalist Bernard Lane told Sky News host Peta Credlin that England had made a landmark decision to stop prescribing puberty blockers to children with gender dysphoria.

Lane said the evidence for puberty blockers was “very weak” and “uncertain.”

“We don’t know if they’re safe – we don’t know what effect they have,” Lane told Credlin. “So, the National Health Service England has decided that puberty blockers should no longer be offered as a routine treatment to young people who are distressed about their gender.”

Australian politician David Limbrick stated, “The UK has effectively banned puberty blockers for children. Given the findings on the lack of scientific evidence, one has to ask why they were ever used in the first place.”

“Is the science different in Australia?” Limbrick asked. The answer, of course, is, “No.”