Carlson Criticizes Hunter Biden ‘Sweetheart Deal’

Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson commented on the pending plea deal which may see Hunter Biden serve no prison time on tax and firearms charges. The host argued that there was a strong difference between the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) approach to this case as compared to that of former President Donald Trump.

Carlson made the comments during the latest episode of his new program “Tucker on Twitter,” calling the deal for the younger Biden a “sweetheart deal.”

The host cited comments Trump made several weeks ago, arguing that the DOJ would charge the younger Biden with minor crimes to make it appear that it was treating the two investigations fairly.

“And it turned out those were prescient words,” Carlson said. “This morning, Hunter Biden pleaded guilty to pretty much nothing.”

He cited the fact that Hunter Biden was not subjected to a “pre-dawn raid carried live simultaneously on CNN,” such as the raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate last year.

“There was no perp walk, no handcuffs, no press conference,” he said.

Carlson argued that the president’s son “broke federal gun laws,” yet was not charged with a felony.

“It’s like it all never happened,” he said.

“In fact, the Justice Department just baptized Hunter Biden,” he said. “A lifetime of sins washed away in an instant. It was a secular miracle.”

Carlson further commented on allegations that the Biden family received millions of dollars in foreign bribes. Furthermore, Hunter Biden received millions in payments linked to China, Ukraine and Romania.

The host argued that the president’s son received payments from foreign sources to influence his father.

Furthermore, Carlson described Hunter Biden as a former “influence peddler.”

“What does Hunter Biden do for a living now?” asked Carlson.

Carlson referenced this as well, questioning why Hunter Biden was not required to register as a foreign agent.

He said that foreign agents are “everywhere.”

“The Biden administration knows all of this, and it’s not a problem,” he said. “In fact, it’s their policy.”

Carlson argued that enforcement of foreign agent registration is used selectively, citing several Trump allies prosecuted by the federal government, including Paul Manafort.