Armed Texan Shoots Assailant In BBQ Restaurant Encounter

A Texan with a firearm confronted an assailant who attacked an elderly customer at a BBQ restaurant.

On August 14, around noon, an individual walked into Woody’s Smokehouse in Centerville, Texas. The person reportedly grew confrontational and harassed multiple patrons at the BBQ establishment, an incident captured on surveillance footage.

The suspect, later recognized by law enforcement as Kevin Craig Anderson from Houston, allegedly entered the restaurant’s restroom and assaulted an elderly individual. He rendered the elderly man unconscious and continued to physically harm him while he lay on the floor, as stated by the police.

A bystander rushed to assist the elderly patron, but Anderson turned on the bystander and assaulted him as well. The person was thrown to the ground, and Anderson reportedly persisted in attacking him.

In an act of self-defense, the victim, who was licensed to carry a firearm, discharged his weapon, firing two shots at Anderson who was struck in the right arm.

Injured, Anderson quickly fled the BBQ restaurant. Subsequently, law enforcement located Anderson inside his vehicle, parked on the shoulder of a highway.

The Leon County Sherriff’s office released a statement, saying, “He was transported by helicopter to St. Joseph emergency room in Bryan and then later transported to Hermann Memorial Hospital in Houston to be treated for his injuries.”

The elderly man was promptly transported to St. Joseph’s Hospital.

The Leon County Sheriff’s Office refrained from announcing any charges against the shooter.

This incident is currently under investigation by the Leon County Sheriff’s Office and Texas Rangers.

Diana Wood, co-owner of Woody’s Smokehouse, expressed this statement to KBTX, “Prayers for my team and customers that were involved would be greatly appreciated. We are thankful to law enforcement for the fast service and the capture of the attacker. I’m thankful for the blood of Jesus that I pray daily over our team, our customers, our community and the team of praying employees that unite with me each day in agreement for protection.”

She continued, “As we are reflecting, we asked ourselves what could have been the outcome if those prayers and cover was not implemented. Praises to God for the covering of everyone. If I ever had something to preach, it would be today, and it would be now. Cover your family, your friends, your work and your school with the blood of Jesus before you walk out of your house each day.”