White House Impeachment Talking Points Toward Complicit Media Leaked

Impeachment and indictment-crazed Democrats are getting a dose of their own medicine and finding they do not like the taste. Now POLITICO writer Heidi Przybyla shared a “talking points memo” from the White House on how to deal with Republican actions against President Joe Biden.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) on Tuesday announced that the GOP “uncovered serious and credible allegations into Biden’s conduct.

This, he said, will be the foundation for a pending impeachment inquiry.

The White House, knowing that the mainstream media will march to their orders, quickly assembled a missive to rebut the charges. Przybyla did a great service to the nation by revealing the content of the administration’s memo — whether intentional or not.

It began by referring to the impeachment inquiry as “based on lies.” Then it laughably described the process as “grave, rare and historic.”

That weighty standard was obviously cast aside when congressional Democrats pursued charges on the flimsiest of accusations against former President Donald Trump. Then the White House cited statements from RINO Republicans.

The Biden administration went further and lectured journalists on the process they should use in covering the story. Simply reporting the news in a straightforward manner will never do.

The White House admonished reporters to avoid covering the impeachment in the manner of “Republicans say X, but the White House says Y.” This, they said, is a disservice to the American people.

Ironically, the administration said the public deserves an “independent press to hold those in power accountable.”

This statement, for the record, was made through a memo in which Democrats gave directives to their mainstream media allies. So much for an independent press.

The White House ended its directive by expressing its desire that the document offered assistance in debunking “unprecedented, unfounded claims.”

It must be noted that POLITICO is unquestionably aligned with Washington Democrats. Therefore it is presumed the memo was released to establish the talking points as “facts” and assert that House Republicans have no real evidence against the president.

Instead, it just proved how complicit the supposedly “independent press” is with their masters in Washington. Undoubtedly mainstream news will be flooded with nearly word-for-word quotes from the memo under the guise of journalism.