Uvalde Police Chief Resigns Following Release Of School Shooting Report

Uvalde Police Chief Daniel Rodriguez, resigned from his position Tuesday, shortly after the release of a report by the City Council clearing several officers of blame in their response to the shooting.

The shooting occurred in May 2022 at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, and resulted in 21 deaths and 17 injuries. The shooter was killed during an exchange with police.

In a statement, Rodriguez said, “After much contemplation and consideration, I believe it is time for me to embark on a new chapter in my career.”

“I have had the privilege of serving the City of Uvalde and its residents for the past 26 years, and it has been an honor to lead the dedicated men and women of our police department.”

Rodriguez did not mention the shooting or the report in his resignation letter.

Uvalde Mayor Cody Smith expressed his appreciation for Rodriguez’s years of “service to our community.” Assistant Police Chief Homer Delgado will step in as the interim chief.

A Uvalde City Council report released last week found no fault with the police’s actions during the shooting, despite officers waiting 77 minutes for tactical gear while children were trapped inside classrooms.

The report’s author, Austin-based investigator and former police detective, Jesse Prado, did note that there were significant communication failures between the Uvalde school district police and other responding officers. Prado also said that former Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District Police Chief Pete Arredondo “would make phone calls, but the officers had no way to know what was being planned or what was being said.”

However, the report has sparked outrage among Uvalde residents, particularly after the U.S. Justice Department in January criticized law enforcement’s response for lack of leadership and failure to adhere to police protocols.

During a recent City Council meeting, parents expressed their frustration over the council’s indecision on accepting the report’s findings.

Brett Cross, who lost his son Uziyah, asked, “You all told us last week you were going to give us some damn answers — and you’re still not giving us answers. Do you all accept it or not?”

“We have waited almost two years now, and you keep asking us for more time. How much more time do you want us to wait?” Veronica Mata, whose daughter Tess was murdered, asked the council.