Trump Meets Mel Gibson And Roger Stone At UFC 290

Former President Donald Trump made a triumphant appearance at Saturday night’s UFC 290 in Las Vegas, and in the process met with a pair of heavy hitters.

He and legendary Hollywood actor and director Mel Gibson conversed backstage with Roger Stone. The trio had what must have been a fascinating exchange of pleasantries on topics ranging from politics to entertainment.

The enthusiastic crowd at T-Mobile Arena was treated to the spectacle of the former president emerging from backstage along with UFC boss Dana White. Audience members stood and cheered as Trump shook hands with several spectators.

He even had an impromptu handshake and conversation with influential podcaster Joe Rogan, who was ringside.

The event also coincided with the phenomenal success story that is “Sound of Freedom,” an independent film that is taking down industry giants.

Mel Gibson, who is never shy about ruffling Tinseltown feathers, put considerable time and energy into promoting the film. Its theme of anti-child trafficking has remarkably drawn the ire of the leftist media, which has deemed it a “paranoid” work.

That’s the disparaging term used by The Guardian in its review of the box office sensation.

That hardly matters to the paying audience, who propelled the feature to a larger opening than the highly-promoted latest “Indiana Jones” installment from Disney.

“Sound of Freedom” raked in more than $14 million on its opening day, pulling down enough for the low-budget feature to cover its cost in 24 hours.

UFC head Dana White was so impressed by the movie that he pledged to pay for all of his employees to see it. How this must irritate Democrats who have never shown the slightest interest in Jeffrey Epstein’s island and the undoubtedly impressive list of friends who frequented it.

Gibson was clear on the issue and how it needs to be front and center on American minds. “One of the most disturbing problems in our world today is human trafficking and particularly the trafficking of children.”

The actor reportedly had some input on the final edit of the film.

The work is based on the true story of former U.S. government agent Tim Ballard, who stepped down in order to save children from traffickers. The film is based on a real mission that ended with the rescue of 123 people, including 55 children.