Sanders Say Democrats Affected By Abandoning Working-Class Citizens

Longest serving Independent in U.S. congressional history, Sen Bernie Sanders (I-VT), said Democrats forsaking the working class is affecting their performance. Sanders made this comment while talking to HBO host Bill Maher on his popular show, “Real Time with Bill Maher.”

According to Daily Caller News, Sanders’ statement about the Democrats abandoning their cause to the beautiful people stirred some curiosity in Maher, who wanted answers. Referencing Sander’s statement, Maher asked what he meant.

Sanders said that the dominant party on the street was different under the leadership of the 32nd American President, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, as well as President Harry Truman and President John Kennedy. Sanders added that he thought people would have answered with “Democrats” if asked about which party represents the working class. Sanders, however, noted that the narratives have changed.

“Today, you go out on the street, that is not the sentiment. In fact, the Republican party probably has more adherents than the Democrats,” he added during the chat show.

Sanders had previously claimed that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton lost the presidential elections in 2016 because working-class voters didn’t think she would “stand with working people.”

“I think it is fair to say that the working class of this country didn’t believe that she [Clinton] was prepared to stand up and fight for them, even if her policies were,” Sanders said in an appearance on “The View” back in 2016.

Sanders’ comments seem true, not only because the GOP currently dominates Congress, and the party is also taking over the streets, having more adherents than it used to. Before the 2022 midterm elections, NBC reported that Republicans were ably represented by white workers and Hispanics, predicting a victory ahead of the poll battles. In the elections that brought Gov Ron DeSantis to power, the GOP convincingly won at the expense of the Democrats in Florida.

Sanders was on course to take on former President Donald Trump at the elections in 2020. He, however, lost the Democratic primaries to then-candidate Joe Biden.