Russia Achieves Gains In Ukraine’s Bakhmut

Russia has achieved gains in one of the most contentious battles of the war in Ukraine. The nation has moved into territory surrounding the city of Bakhmut in eastern Ukraine.

The city has seen some of the fiercest fighting of the conflict. Russia recently launched a new offensive to try and surround the city by moving into nearby towns.

The effort has caused a sharp increase in Russian and Ukrainian casualties.

The war is still going strong after 11 months of fighting. Unfortunately, it looks like the war will continue for quite some time.

This also comes as Russian President Vladimir Putin is considering a new call-up of 200,000 fresh soldiers.

Russia has already declared a mobilization and may be looking to launch a new offensive.

The fighting has an American dimension, too. Ukraine is able to keep fighting only due to American aid in weapons and taxpayer dollars.

Joe Biden is also considering sending a number of American Abrams tanks to Ukraine.

Such a transfer would represent a major gain for the Ukrainian side while also pushing America closer to a direct war with Russia.