Roseanne Blasts Rob Reiner Over RFK Remarks

In a recent exchange of words, producer Rob Reiner found himself on the receiving end of criticism from actress Roseanne Barr. The heated exchange began when Reiner expressed his concerns about Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s decision to leave the Democrat Party and declare himself an Independent.

It seems that Reiner was taken aback by Kennedy’s move and shared his concerns about it, cautioning that it could jeopardize American democracy. Kennedy, on the other hand, appeared unfazed by Reiner’s opinions, continuing on his chosen path.

Reiner’s words were clear: “Bobby Kennedy Jr.’s announcement to run as an Independent is a dangerous and cynical move by wealthy Republicans to put Trump back in the WH. I talked with Bobby and told him that what he is doing could destroy American Democracy. He didn’t care,” he expressed on X, the site formerly known as Twitter.

Roseanne Barr swiftly responded to Reiner’s comments with a touch of sarcasm, highlighting the irony of someone being told their presidential run could destroy America and not caring.

She quipped, “You told someone that them running for president will destroy America, and they didn’t care about your opinion? Do they not understand that you’re a very smart man? That’s crazy. He should immediately drop out. As you know, democracy is dangerous to our democracy, and we can’t let Americans vote for who they want. That would be pure fascism.”

Kennedy’s announcement made at Philadelphia’s Independence Mall about his candidacy as an Independent sent shockwaves through a Democrat Party that has long been at odds with him. According to Axios, a recent poll suggested a competitive three-way race for the 2024 election, with 33% of respondents supporting Trump, 31% supporting Biden, and 14% backing Kennedy.

In his declaration of independence from the “tyranny of corruption,” Kennedy emphasized the need for unity and a break from divisive politics: “People suspect that the divisions are deliberately orchestrated. They’re fed up with being fooled and they’re ready to take back power.” Barr’s response to Reiner’s comments resonated with many on social media, with several users taking jabs at the leftist director and voicing their support for Barr.

One user, @DanBeThyName, expressed the essence of democracy, stating, “I agree, Roseanne. I think Bobby Jr. has some great ideas. I also think he has some far-fetched ones. I’m not voting for him, but this is a Democracy, and he has every right to run, and people have every right to vote for him if they choose.”