Rogue Republicans Upset Over Trump’s Inauguration Pledge

Anti-Trump Republicans are up in arms over the former president’s pledge to the American people to take immediate action if he wins in November. These critics, amplified by the mainstream media though few in number, disagree with his priorities.

Trump triumphantly posted on social media, “My first acts as your next President will be to Close the Border, DRILL, BABY, DRILL, and Free the January 6 hostages being wrongly imprisoned.”

These GOP rogues took offense to Trump pledging to liberate the hostages, though many are just that.

There are far too many patriotic Americans languishing behind bars as political prisoners to Washington Democrats. Selective prosecution ignored rampant violence and destruction by left-wingers across the nation but brought the legal hammer down on peaceful conservative protesters.

These anti-Trumpers accused the Jan. 6 demonstrators of beating police officers. Anyone who did that, as all right thinking citizens agree, deserves to face the music.

But Trump was not referring to this small and virtually nonexistent minority of protesters.

The 45th president clearly spoke of those who peacefully disagreed with the contentious 2020 election and the controversy surrounding the transfer of power. Most did little more than mill about carrying signs.

But for this, the weight of the federal judicial system was brought down upon them. Ridiculous and indefensibly long sentences were carried out against truly peaceful protesters, not the “mostly peaceful” variety of the notoriously violent George Floyd riots.

What else did former President Trump pledge to do? As he emphasized on his recent visit to south Texas, he will take back control of the nation’s southern border from drug cartels and human traffickers.

Did the Republicans against Trump take issue with this pledge?

The presumptive GOP nominee promised the American people that Washington would end the roadblock of the path to energy independence. This is yet another misguided Biden policy that hits drivers at the gas pump every day.

And Trump will address the obvious miscarriage of justice faced by the vast majority of Jan. 6 defendants. A few wayward Republicans may disagree, but as the primary season clearly demonstrates, the rank and file are very much in favor of a second Trump presidency.