Psaki To Host Monday MSNBC Slot For Election Season

Far-left MSNBC is gearing up for the election season by giving its limited viewership more of former Biden press secretary Jen Psaki. She is slated to expand her program, “Inside With Jen Psaki,” into the primetime 8 p.m. ET slot on Mondays.

The show currently occupies the 12 p.m. ET space on Sundays, but will also be featured on Mondays beginning Sept. 25. For a network that struggles for viewers, it established itself as one of the higher rated programs.

MSNBC also announced on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, that new episodes will be featured on online streaming service Peacock. The network consistently trails Fox News in cable viewership though it outpaces the flailing CNN.

Psaki left the Biden White House in May 2022 and became a fixture in the network’s liberal programming.

The outlet touted Psaki’s “expertise in government and on the campaign trail.” In a press release, MSNBC said she will give viewers breaking news and insight on political events.

Her former boss is widely expected to be the Democratic nominee as he seeks reelection in 2024. He is far out in front of a pair of challengers though remaining deeply unpopular with the electorate.

If reelected, Joe Biden would be 86 at the end of his second term in the White House. He seems likely to face former President Donald Trump in a rematch of 2020.

Trump is currently lapping the rest of the Republican field despite being attacked with four separate indictments from Democrats and their allies.

Psaki’s tenure as White House spokesperson included several dustups with conservative journalists, particularly Fox News’ Peter Doocy. The Oval Office regularly criticized the reporter for questions asked during media briefings.

Psaki told a podcaster that the network regularly provided Doocy and others with questions that would make them sound “stupid.” Now she’s a part of that media, choosing leftist MSNBC to continue her quest to amplify the Biden candidacy and agenda.

MSNBC established itself as a retirement home for former Biden administration mouthpieces. The network also brought Symone Sanders on board.

She is a former advisor and senior spokesperson for Vice President Kamala Harris. Sanders is currently the host of a weekend MSNBC program.