Pregnant, Armed Mother Thwarts Robbery During Family Outing

In a harrowing incident, a pregnant woman courageously defended her family from an alleged robber, gravely injuring him with gunfire. This brave mother’s actions unfolded during a family trip to Little Rock, Arkansas, on Memorial Day to celebrate their daughter’s seventh birthday.

The Mississippi family spent an idyllic day visiting a zoo and waterpark, a far cry from the horrifying events that would later unravel. As they were loading their vehicle in the River Market parking garage, a man reportedly attacked the father, resulting in a fractured rib. Undeterred, the attacker turned his focus to the mother, who was in the vehicle’s front seat.

The mother, a twenty-five-year-old expecting another child, reacted with quick-thinking precision. As per police reports, she drew a gun and shot the assailant, inflicting wounds on his head and neck. On arrival at the scene, the Little Rock Police Department identified the alleged robber as Markevious King, 37. He was then swiftly transported to a local hospital and remains in critical condition.

Following the incident, the mother confirmed to authorities that she acted in self-defense. The bravery exhibited by the pregnant mother during such a terrifying ordeal has drawn attention and applause from many.

The family’s father, reflecting on the incident in a candid interview with KARK-TV, stated, “A lot of things could’ve happened, and we never know what he was really planning or anything. If he was trying to kidnap our girls or just trying to steal the car or what.”

While the experience was undoubtedly traumatizing, the family, which resides near crime-stricken Memphis, displayed admirable resilience and preparedness. “We live near Memphis, and this kind of happens to people here all the time. So, I mean, it’s not something we are going to let shine down or shadow down on our lives because we do like to travel,” the father added.

Living near a city known for high crime rates has inadvertently honed the family’s readiness to respond effectively to violent scenarios. Despite its shocking nature, the attack has failed to deter this undaunted family from future travels and adventures.

Moreover, the pregnant woman’s response underlines the importance of the right to bear arms. It highlights how, when responsibly used, it can help defend one’s family against unanticipated threats.

Police reports indicate that no charges have yet been filed in the matter.