Police: Couple Posed As Amazon Drivers To Kidnap Baby

A Florida couple is under arrest after one of the suspects allegedly posed as an Amazon delivery driver in an attempt to kidnap a relative’s baby in Washington state.

People Magazine reported the accused are Marlly Jarina Ardila-Urrego, 33, and Chun Ho Vincent Lai, 42. They face charges in King County of first-degree kidnapping, first-degree burglary, first-degree robbery and other counts related to the alleged target of the scheme.

Casey McNerthney with the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office noted the bizarre nature of the incident. “It’s unusual to see a case like this.”

McNerthney said the wheels of justice are turning quickly after the shocking event. “When you have allegations like this, you’ve got to act on it right away.”

The plan, according to investigators, was to snatch the infant of a relative of Ardila-Urrego. The couple traveled from their Florida home to Washington state to take the seven-month-old, according to prosecutors.

According to the outlet, Ardila-Urrego staged the attempted kidnapping by asking her West Coast cousin her address to have a bed frame for the child delivered. In this way, the Florida pair determined the location of the mother.

The mother was told the bed frame would be delivered Feb. 20.

According to Fox News Digital, when that day arrived the victim heard a knock at the door after her husband had left for work. She told investigators that she looked through the peephole and saw who she believed was an Amazon driver with a box.

But it was Lai, not a delivery driver. When she opened the door, the mother was allegedly struck in the face several times before being forced to the ground and bound by zip ties.

The infant was put in the Amazon box and the couple from Florida left. The mother was then able to free herself from the zip ties and called authorities.

Both Ardila-Urrego and Lai were quickly arrested, and the seven-month-old was returned to the home unharmed. Bail for the suspects was set at $700,000 each and they are due for their first court appearance this week.

Fox reported that investigators have not determined a specific motive for traveling across the country and attempting such a ruse. The outlet reported there are no indications that “mental illness or substance abuse contributed to this crime.”