NYC Bus Restrictions Drive Immigrants Across State Lines

The office of Gov. Phil Murphy (D-NJ) has reported that several cities are witnessing busloads of illegal aliens being unloaded at multiple NJ TRANSIT train stations before ultimately making their way to New York City.

Murphy’s spokesman Tyler Jones informed Politico that “New Jersey is primarily being used as a transit point for these families — all or nearly all of them continued with their travels en route to their final destination of New York City. We are closely coordinating with our federal and local partners on this matter, including our colleagues across the Hudson.”

Authorities in Jersey City, Secaucus, Trenton, and Fanwood have all reported buses dropping illegal aliens off at multiple train stations in each jurisdiction.

Secaucus Mayor Michael Gonnelli stated last week that “it seems quite clear the bus operators are finding a way to thwart the requirements of the New York City Executive Order by dropping migrants at the train station in Secaucus and having them continue to their final destination.”

Just this past August, Murphy made a News 12 television appearance and spoke on the issue during an “Ask Gov. Murphy” segment, where he warned locals that New Jersey simply couldn’t take in any more immigrants despite being an outspoken advocate for sanctuary cities.

Keep in mind, this is the same governor who insisted he would force all of New Jersey to become a “sanctuary state” back in 2017 during his candidacy.

In his run against Lieutenant Gov. Kim Guandagno (R-NJ), Murphy had no shame pandering for votes from pro-sanctuary city supporters, despite Guandango arguing that such policies would endanger the community and rewarded criminal behavior.

Murphy disagreed, claiming that sanctuary cities are “inclusive” and taking in illegal aliens was the right thing for “the goodness of America” and the “nation’s moral compass.”
Then again in October 2017, Murphy condemned Guadagno’s stance regarding illegal immigration — promising that if he was elected, New Jersey “will be a sanctuary — not just city — but state.”

Busses currently in transit to New York City, most of which are coming from Texas, are being rerouted to the Garden State following Mayor Eric Adams’ (D-NY) orders to limit the time, day, and amount of buses that are allowed to enter the city, including where they are allowed to be dropped off.

This is the Big Apple’s latest attempt to hinder or deter drop-offs without completely banning them. Last week Adams commented that the migrant issue is eroding “the quality of life for New Yorkers,” and insisted that the city has officially reached its “breaking point.”
He added “We’re seeing the erosion of the quality of life that we’ve improved on in such a short period of time of this administration…We no longer are able to do that because of the volume in numbers.”

Coincidentally, Adams’ new policies are similar to those made by Chicago’s sanctuary city-supporting mayor, Brandon Johnson, who also recently and quietly passed restrictions on bussing illegal aliens into the Windy City.