Noem Offers To Ship Razor Wire To Texas Border

South Dakota Republican Gov. Kristi Noem on Thursday offered to come to the rescue of her embattled Texas colleague — Gov. Greg Abbott. Addressing Fox News’ Martha MacCallum, Noem declared, “If Greg Abbott needs more razor wire, I’ll load it into a pickup myself.”

The popular governor referred to the legal standoff between Texas officials and the Biden administration over the open southern border.

Noem asserted Abbott is acting properly in taking a stand to defend his state’s citizens against the influx of unvetted illegal migrants. The Supreme Court narrowly sided with the Biden White House and permitted federal agents to cut state-constructed razor wire along the border.

Two conservative justices sided with the high court’s three liberal jurists in supporting Biden.

Noem said that people forget that governors are also commanders-in-chief. “We’re responsible for the men and women of our National Guard. It’s a heavy responsibility that weighs on our shoulders, and so we never engage our National Guard soldiers…unless it’s incredibly important.”

Despite South Dakota’s location far above the southern border, Noem correctly described the Texas situation as a “war zone.”

Declaring that Biden is out of touch, Noem accused the president of “remaking this country.”

She added, “We will be Europe within a year or two if we allow President Biden to continue this invasion of our country. Over six million people have come here illegally. It is time to stand our ground.”

Democrats are throwing gas on the fire by urging the president to federalize the Texas National Guard. A pair of Texas lawmakers, including Rep. Greg Casar (D-TX), insisted that the provocative action by the White House must take place if Abbott does not bend the knee.

But even a group as short-sighted as White House Democrats must realize the fracas they would spark with such an action.

And in an election year, it is important for Biden to pretend to care about national security.

The congressman who represents the volatile Eagle Pass, Rep. Tony Gonzales (R-TX), warned that the president would be taking a foolish risk by commandeering the National Guard. “If we go that route,” he observed, “talk about lighting a match to a very already delicate situation.”