Nikki Haley Vows To Stay In 2024 Presidential Race

After her second-place finish in the New Hampshire primary and falling short of former President Donald Trump’s record-breaking win, former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley has vowed to remain in the 2024 presidential race.

In an appearance at her election party Tuesday, Haley thanked her New Hampshire voters for their love, kindness, and support. She also conceded to Trump, congratulating him on his victory.

After acknowledging his win, Haley said the GOP race is far from over. The former South Carolina governor vowed to take her campaign to her home state of South Carolina, which holds its GOP primary next month.

Nikki Haley remains confident she can defeat former President Trump and become the Republican presidential nominee after Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) ended his campaign. Haley discussed the New Hampshire primary and vowed that a loss to Trump on Tuesday would not result in her withdrawal from the race.

She stressed that more than half of Americans don’t want a Trump-Biden rematch, and the disapproval ratings for both candidates are “through the roof.”

Long before the New Hampshire results, Haley insisted she had every expectation of moving forward. Her presidential campaign says she still has gas in the tank.

“I’m not going anywhere, and keep in mind, he got 50,000 votes in a state of 3 million [Iowa]. Is that what we are going to say decides in the country? I know the elites say we all need to coalesce around him, but this is not a coronation,” Haley said in a statement ahead of the New Hampshire primary.

“This is a democracy, and we will have a strong showing today in New Hampshire. We’re heading to South Carolina, and then we are on to Super Tuesday,” she continued.

The two-time elected governor stressed the importance of electing a Republican who can beat Biden and lift GOP candidates competing in lower-level races on the ballot.

“Aside from her having a poor showing, we would continue. We are already laying the groundwork not just in South Carolina but in many of those Super Tuesday states. We’re planning now to move on to South Carolina and continue our efforts in that state and continue moving forward,” Drew Klein, a senior adviser to AFP Action, said before the New Hampshire results.

Haley’s supporters remain faithful, saying she has shown she can beat the odds in a race against Trump, who is polling higher and has better funding.