Newsom Using Taxpayer Money On Lawyers For Illegal Aliens

Consistent with his disregard for fiscal responsibility and national security, California’s Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom has launched a new program that uses taxpayer money to provide legal services for illegal aliens. This latest act reinforces California’s reputation as a sanctuary state that protects illegal aliens at the expense of California taxpayers and all American citizens.

The state plans to spend $4.5 million on the initiative. It offers legal advice, case review services and representation by lawyers to illegal alien farm workers involved in labor investigations, all free of charge. As much as half of the state’s farmworkers are illegal aliens, making this program a sizable burden on Golden State taxpayers.

Newsom justifies this expenditure with platitudes about “advancing equity, inclusion, and a level playing field.” It’s crucial to ask: shouldn’t equity, inclusion, and a level playing field begin with respecting and upholding the rule of law?

The governor’s office claims the program will focus on supporting the enforcement of labor rights and not limit services based on immigration status. However, this argument falls flat when considering the legal and financial implications of housing and supporting millions of illegal residents.

Moreover, Newsom’s strategy sends a dangerous message. The government essentially rewards illegal behavior by allocating funds to support those who break the law. It sets a precedent that undermines the essence of legal immigration, which millions have successfully pursued to build better lives in America.

Newsom’s audacious spending does not stop there. Last year, under his leadership, California became the first state to offer taxpayer-funded healthcare benefits to its 3.3 million illegal residents. This move costs state taxpayers around $2.4 billion annually.

Such spending decisions reflect the state’s misguided priorities. Instead of investing in education, infrastructure, or public safety initiatives, Newsom pours money into projects that ignore the fundamental tenet of U.S. immigration laws: entry must be legal.

While it is crucial to address the plight of exploited workers, the solution is not to legitimize illegal immigration. It would be more beneficial to strengthen border security and immigration policies, thus deterring unlawful entry and subsequent exploitation.

There are numerous ways to protect workers’ rights, create opportunities for immigrant families and grow the economy without encouraging illegal immigration.