Megyn Kelly Regrets COVID Vaccine After ‘Autoimmune Issue’

Veteran journalist Megyn Kelly expressed her COVID-19 vaccine regret on her Wednesday podcast when she revealed she now has an autoimmune diagnosis.

Kelly did not allow her children to receive the jab. However, she said that due to her age and work requirements, she received it along with a booster. Now she believes it is responsible for her medical condition.

Speaking to journalist David Zweig, Kelly said she is certain she would have been fine if she had foregone the vaccine. She contracted COVID many times and suffered few physical effects.

But now there’s another problem. “For the first time, I tested positive for an autoimmune issue at my annual physical,” Kelly said. She noted that she asked the “best rheumatologist in New York” if her diagnosis was related to getting the booster and then three weeks later getting COVID.”

The doctor answered, “Yes,” and then confirmed that Kelly was not the only patient she had seen with that issue.

That is a remarkably different tale from what Kelly wrote in April 2021 on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter. She publicly announced she would get the vaccine with “zero qualms.”

Kelly further criticized those who follow media sources “obsessed with fear-mongering.” She advised Americans to accept what their doctors recommend and reject other information.

That song changed dramatically with her autoimmune diagnosis along with experiencing COVID numerous times and hearing of others’ experiences.

The conservative commentator took a long and twisted road to get to this point. Even though she took the jab herself, she was harshly criticized last October for allegedly spreading “anti-vax lies” when she posted that children were “dying” from myocarditis and other causes.

These deaths, she reported, came after they were vaccinated against COVID.

The journalist further blasted the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for putting the COVID vaccine on children’s vaccine schedule. She cautioned, “HOW DARE THE CDC ADD THIS TO ITS LIST OF SCHOOL VACCINATIONS? Don’t listen.”

But she once acknowledged the vaccine as a “miracle” even as she railed against official overreach in requirements to submit to it. Kelly warned Americans not to have faith in the medical establishment. “They have only one mission, which is to push their vaccines on us.”