Massachusetts Calls For Residents To House Illegal Aliens

Officials in Massachusetts have begun asking residents to take illegal aliens into their homes amid a rising number of illegals in the state that are adding to the homeless population.

Massachusetts Gov. Maura Healey (D) has called for residents with empty rooms in their homes or apartments to consider allowing illegal aliens — who came into the U.S. without proper background checks — to live in their residences.

According to local news outlet WBUR, “Massachusetts officials are seeking residents willing to host newly arrived families in need of shelter. Hosts are asked to provide a room or apartment for a few days, until longer-term accommodations can be arranged.”

“A significant portion of the families in need of housing in the state are new immigrants. Many of those arriving in Boston have fled violence in Haiti and traveled through other states before coming to Massachusetts,” the outlet claimed.

Those who traveled through other countries to enter the U.S. have already broken international law, as they are supposed to seek asylum in the first country they enter that is considered “safe.”

Nonetheless, they have been allowed by the Biden administration’s open-border policies to enter the interior of the U.S. and move about freely — and a significant majority have ended up in blue states like Massachusetts, despite the state not having any official “sanctuary state” law on the books like other Democrat-run states.

Healey’s request to house illegal aliens in private homes comes as Massachusetts has been using taxpayer money to house illegals in nearly 40 hotels and motels across the state. Curiously, none of these hotels or motels are located in affluent areas or “millionaire destinations.”

“Oddly, however, almost all the ultra-affluent suburban communities most loudly committed to celebrating diversity have thus far been unable to provide suitable free housing for the new non-working classes,” Boston Herald columnist Howie Carr wrote in an article earlier this month.

“The illegals are not being sent to, among other millionaire destinations, Cambridge, Brookline, Newton, Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket, Chatham, Swampscott, Newburyport, Wellesley, Dover, Sherborn, Amherst,” the article continued, adding: “Do you begin to get the picture?”

At the moment, Massachusetts has roughly 316,000 illegal aliens residing within the state.
This news comes after New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) announced that he was considering paying residents with taxpayer money to house illegal aliens in their homes.