Maggots On Delta Flight Fall From Overhead Compartment

A passenger on a flight from Amsterdam to Detroit said maggots fell on a woman next to him from an overhead bin, causing the plane to turn around an hour after departing.

“She was freaking out. She was trying to fight off these maggots,” said Philip Schotte, a Netherlands native in Iowa.

While on Delta Flight DL133 on Tuesday, Schotte said he looked across the aisle only to see at least a dozen wiggly maggots falling on the woman. It seemed like a prank.

“I don’t know what was going through my mind. I was trying to process it, and disgust is one thing, of course. We had to wait there for help to come,” Schotte said.

The maggots went into another seat when help arrived. The flight attendants tracked the insects to a passenger’s bag in the overhead compartments.

“They found out that there was a rotten fish in there. I did see everyone’s reaction to the bag being opened, which was just an immediate pinching of the nose,” Schotte added.

The fish was wrapped in a newspaper, and the man who placed it there stood up and claimed it. Flight attendants took the not-so-precious cargo to the back of the plane. The pilot then notified passengers that they would return to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

An airline spokesperson confirmed that flight 133 AMS-DTW “was interrupted due to an improperly packed carry-on bag” without providing additional details about the cause of the disruption. The spokesperson added that customers were compensated for the inconvenience but did not elaborate on the amount or form of the remedy.

“The aircraft returned to the gate, and passengers were placed on the next available flight,” Delta said in a statement. The airline added that the “aircraft was removed from service for cleaning.”

Passengers are allowed to travel with food, including both fresh and frozen meat, seafood, and vegetables, under Transportation Security Administration rules.
In September, unsanitary cabin conditions disrupted another Delta flight. A passenger’s explosive diarrhea forced a Delta flight from Atlanta to Barcelona because the incident amounted to a biohazard issue.