Liberals Scramble To Defend President From Incriminating Testimony

It did not take long for the mainstream media to circle the wagons around embattled President Joe Biden and his family. CNN, which recently touted its move to the political “center,” led the way in defending the commander-in-chief.

The still-leftist outlet quickly responded to damaging testimony before the House Oversight Committee on Monday.

Devon Archer, Hunter Biden’s long time business partner, told lawmakers that then-Vice President Joe Biden conversed with his son’s international business partners several times. This despite claims from the White House that no such discussions occurred.

CNN paraded the narrative that Hunter sold the “illusion” of access to his father in his business dealings.

This rhetoric was obviously intended to leave the impression that there was in fact no access to Joe Biden. That, however, was clearly contradicted by Archer’s testimony that the elder Biden joined business conversations with his son on multiple occasions.

That was not an “illusion,” and Democrats afterwards did not even try to claim otherwise.

Rep. Dan Goldman (D-NY) was the primary face in front of cameras Monday afternoon defending his party’s leader. Obviously flustered by the bombshell testimony and questioning from the media, he attempted to distance Joe Biden from his son’s business schemes.

Amazingly, he tried to dismiss concerns over Joe Biden’s telephone interactions with Hunter’s partners as merely “part of the daily conversations” between father and son.

As if father and son both are unaware of the power that comes with having the vice president of the United States on a business call. This is a classic case of willful ignorance by the representative.

But Goldman was not finished. He attempted to frame the revelations by claiming that “none of the conversations ever had to do with any business dealings or transactions.” Do Democrats truly expect the American public to buy that line?

The congressman further asserted that it is ridiculous to believe a father should not speak to people his son is at dinner with.

House Oversight Chairman James Comer was having none of the Democratic narrative. “Devon Archer’s testimony today confirms Joe Biden lied to the American people when he said he had no knowledge about his son’s business dealings and was not involved.”