Illegal Immigrants Rush Guards At El Paso Border

Over 100 illegal immigrants recently tried to unlawfully enter the U.S. by rushing past the southern border wall, breaking through razor wire and fighting with Border Patrol guards.

The New York Post pointed out that before the catastrophic brawl at the southern border, about 600 illegal immigrants had gathered at the international border as part of a “spring surge” of them wanting to enter America.

The situation became tense when the Texas National Guard tried to organize the group of illegal immigrants into smaller groups but separated women and children from adult males in the process.

Footage by the New York Post showed adult men rushing the troops of the Texas National Guard.

Video shows a group of men with hoodies, gloves and winter jackets breaking through razor wire along the border as Border Patrol guards stood in a defensive formation to ensure the unlawful migrants do not get past them.

The guardsmen maintained their positions despite being heavily outnumbered by the illegal immigrants.

Some of the illegal immigrants put their hands up in surrender. Moments later, some began to rush the guardsmen and try to knock them out of the way. The group then reached the border gate and started shouting at the troops.

“We have women and children, we’re hungry,” the New York Post cited one of the illegal immigrants as he was being prepared for processing into the U.S.

“Help, help, help, they’re kids,” another cried.

Troops of the Texas National Guard then rushed to secure the area.

The group of illegal immigrants, which had been amassed in an area known as Gate 36 close to El Paso, Texas, eventually retreated to Mexico. Some of the foreign nationals were arrested while the rest of the individuals in the group were brought into the U.S. for processing.

While speaking with the local KFOX14news station, Border Patrol agent Orlando Marrero said, “The migrants that we encountered here today at Gate 36 will be taken to a processing center.”

The chaotic event at the southern border comes as El Paso has seen an increase in the number of illegal immigrants arriving in the city, with 2,500 arriving on average.