Hawaii Dems Slam Biden’s Cold Reaction To Maui Deaths

In the wake of the devastating fire in Maui that has led to a tragic loss of life, the response from President Joe Biden has raised eyebrows and elicited criticism. The death toll, now at 96 and expected to rise further, marks a somber milestone as search and recovery efforts continue, with hundreds still reported missing.

Biden’s handling of the situation came under scrutiny when he was asked about the rising death toll during his time at Rehoboth Beach. In response, Biden simply stated, “No comment,” before leaving the scene. The lack of response left many shocked and disheartened, especially among those directly affected by the disaster.

The White House Press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, attempted to address the situation by acknowledging the “devastating devastation.” However, Biden’s failure to personally reach out to the victims and communities affected has drawn significant criticism.

Notably, former state Rep. Mark Kaniela Ing (D-HI), expressed his disappointment in a social media post that he later deleted. Ing had campaigned for Biden and found his response to the tragedy disconcerting. Ing’s perspective resonates with many who expected a more empathetic and proactive approach from the President in times of crisis.

“When things like this happen, it’s really the time to — if you do the kind of work I do, when the wave crests, you’ve got to paddle hardest,” Ing remarked, emphasizing the need for leadership figures like Biden, to offer comfort and support.

While Ing acknowledged the possibility of nuances in Biden’s exchange with reporters, he remained disappointed in the overall response. “Whether or not it was as dismissive as originally reported, it is quite disappointing,” he stated.

The President’s lackluster response is not isolated, as it mirrors a pattern seen in previous situations. This leaves many questioning his ability to display genuine empathy and leadership during moments of crisis. From the people of East Palestine, Ohio, to the individuals left behind in Afghanistan in August 2021, concerns about Biden’s response to disasters are growing.

The tragedy in Maui, with its significant loss of life and destruction, demands more than a mere “no comment” from its President. The people deserve a compassionate and engaged leader who can offer solace and support to those affected.