Gov. Hochul Announces 18,000 New Jobs For Illegal Migrants

Apparently, there are no U.S. citizens in New York state looking for work, which freed up 18,000 jobs for illegal migrants besieging the area. That’s the indication from Democratic Gov. Kathy Hochul, who announced Monday that over 350 employers are willing to hire the newcomers.

In a press release, the governor asserted that “migrants and asylum seekers came here to work — so let’s put them to work.”

Hochul acknowledged the illegal migrant crisis before claiming there is also a “workforce crisis.” She said putting these migrants into the 18,000 positions will create a better future for “all New Yorkers.”

Interestingly, the announcement came less than 24 hours after Hochul broke ranks with the White House. The Democrat declared that the nation’s southern border is “too open” with the record number of illegals crossing during Joe Biden’s presidency.

She told CBS’s “Face the Nation” that it is natural for her state to welcome immigrants, “but there has to be some limits in place.”

The crisis in New York City, a self-declared “sanctuary,” has seen well over 125,000 illegal migrants pour in just this year. City leaders complain they have already shelled out over $1.2 billion on housing and services and that the city is “full.”

Their begging of the Biden administration for billions more has thus far fallen on deaf ears as the White House continues to insist that the border is “secure.”

Echoing sentiments expressed by NYC Democratic Mayor Eric Adams, Hochul said that taking in tens of thousands of illegals who are not working “is not a sustainable dynamic. It’s just not sustainable in the long term.”

The governor said the opening of positions initially to Venezuelans is a “good start” but hardly covers the masses congregating in New York. She said the state has migrants from Mauritania, Congo, South America, Central America, West Africa, Russia, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Hochul observed that “everyone’s finding their way to that southern border.”

And therein lies the problem.

Until the White House gets serious about controlling the border, and that will not be anytime soon, the situation will only get worse. Of the 18,000 jobs available, how many could be filled by U.S. citizens in desperate need of work but will instead go to illegal migrants?

Offering jobs will only bring more to the border and into places such as New York. Increasing benefits for breaking the law is hardly the way to enforce immigration controls.